TIA Company Profile
Tatem Industrial Automation Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom and  trades as tia.gif (27668 bytes)
tia.gif (27668 bytes) was registered as a Limited Company in   November 1997. 3446828
We are a Group member of the Tatem Group of Companies.
We are registered ISO 9002   No.4010549


Our Aims   Our Aim is to Worldwide Source and Supply High Quality End Effector solutions for Robotics and Automation Systems.
Our Clients Our Clients come from various Market sectors  including Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Research, Packaging, etc
and include Systems Integrators, OEM's, Robot, Manipulator Suppliers, & Research Labs.
Other Services tia.gif (27668 bytes) also offer, Tooling Design Support, Consultancy, Service, & Training.
  tia.gif (27668 bytes) can also carry out Tooling Evaluation trials with our own and other Vendors tools 
in our Evaluation workshop.
    We also allow clients to evaluate tools in actual applications through our "Consignment Loan Program"
bara1.BMP (57478 bytes) TIA is an active member of the British Automation & Robotics Association

TIA supply a complete range of End Effector Technology.
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